How Much Should A Perm Cost

How Much Should A Perm Cost

There are several variables that are considered to determine the cost of a perm. The type of perm you decide to get is one of those variables. After you consult with your hair stylist, you can conclude which type of perm is best for your hair. Generally, spiral perms will be a bit more pricy due to the different process used to form these curls. Again, if the price is not in your range, your stylist may be able to recommend a different perm for you.

Another variable that is considered when pricing out a perm is hair length. Of course shorter hair will cost less to be permed than longer hair. Also, thickness of your hair is taken into account. The more your hair stylist has to section out your hair to be permed, the more time the perm takes. This will increase the price.

The best thing to do when considering a perm is to book a consultation appointment with your stylist. Since different salons in different areas have such an array of price ranges, it is difficult to put an exact price on how much a perm would cost. If your salon has a website or menu (in the salon), you can refer to that to get a better idea of the price ranges the salon offers.

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